So you are moving; you probably have a lot of work head of you. Don’t  forget that even during your move, you can make choices that can help you be green and save green (and save your back!).  For starters, the less stuff we accumulate in the first place the less we have to pick up and move elsewhere – so fighting the pack-rat urge and minimizing trips to shopping malls in the first place are good prerequisites. However, one can lessen their environmental footprint when moving by first giving away or selling any non-essential items. Books can be donated to libraries, charities will gladly take unwanted, useful items and clothing or you can hold the old fashioned yard sale. Don’t have time for a yard sale? Try selling your items online through websites such as craigslist, the online Monterey Weekly, or Also remember, there is more to moving green than just moving. Make sure to use only eco-friendly cleaning products when scrubbing down the old place.

Money Saving Tip!
When you know you will be moving, start hoarding! Collecting useful items like boxes, bubble wrap and other packing materials will save you money and conserve resources. Many retail stores are happy to give away large cardboard boxes they no longer need and would have to otherwise discard or recycle. Chose to reuse instead of wasting your money buying items for one time use. 

Junk Mail Tip!
File a temporary change of address with your post office rather than a permanent one to cut down on junk mail at the new place. The U.S. Postal Service sells lists of permanent address changes to direct marketers, but doesn’t bother doing so with temporary addresses.

Car Check up Tip!
If you are going to be moving long distances or short distances, it would be a good idea to make sure your car is running as fuel efficient as possible. Check out our ideas about how to reduce your fuel consumption while driving (and moving!). Note: The more weight a gasoline-powered vehicle carries, the more gas it burns.
Moving can create lots of extra 'stuff' to get rid of. When tenants move in or out, they usually find themselves with additional items to dispose of, such as packing materials and unwanted household goods.

Here are some ideas of what to do with items that have not quite exhausted their useful life: 

Moving boxes
Reuse: Post online to give them away: or (join the Monterey Salinas FreeCycle group). If moving out, this is a great way to find free boxes.
Recycle: Flatten and take to the building’s recycling area.

STYROFOAM packing peanuts:
Reuse: Drop off at a mailing center (like FedEx or UPS).

Newspaper and packing paper:
Recycle: Place in the building’s recycling containers.
Or drop off to the City of Monterey Recycling Drop Station
Location: 600 Pacific Street (near Fire station)
Hours: Anytime

Reuse: Try local packaging stores and mailing centers to see if they accept it, or advertise on, or When all else fails, place into a clear plastic bag, tie at the top and place in the recycling bin. 

Household items in GOOD condition: e.g., furniture, books, electronics, appliances and clothing.
Reuse: Drop off for donation at local reuse organizations.

LARGE household items in POOR condition: e.g. broken furniture, mattresses and box springs, etc. Never place large items such as sofas, tiers or mattresses in a dumpster or left by your waste enclosure. Call your property manager to arrange a special pick-up. Or take it to the Monterey Regional Waste Management District.

Refrigerator and large appliances – MCDS/TCDS offers a large item pick up service for single family residences. See our large item pick up area. For multi-family homes, check out PG&E’s refrigerator recycling program at

Mattresses can be delivered to Hope Services,
1580 Del Monte Blvd, Seaside (831) 393-1575
546 Brunken Ave, Salinas (831) 754-5509 
Large items that cannot be disposed of in your curbside containers or for items not eligible for large item pick up, can be dropped off to local landfills.  

Household hazardous waste (HHW) and non-working electronics:
more on HHW
**This includes all chemicals, paints, fertilizers, cleaners, etc. that you no longer, want or need.

On The Monterey Peninsula

Monterey Regional Waste Management District
14201 Del Monte Blvd,  Marina, CA 93933 (831) 384.5313

In the Salinas Valley
Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority
139 Sun Street, Salinas, CA 93901 (831) 424.5535

Johnson Canyon Landfill
31400 Johnson Canyon Road, Gonzales, CA 93901 (831) 675.2165

Toner printer cartridges
Printer Cartridges that cannot be mailed back to the manufacturer with an enclosed pre-paid shipping label can be dropped off at the following locations for recycling: 
1550 Canyon Del Rey Blvd,  Seaside, CA 93955-3501 (831) 393-2102

Office Depot
850 Playa Ave, Seaside, CA (831) 394-2582
1516 N. Main Street, Salinas, 443-3686

Office Max
1241 N. Davis Road, Salinas, (831) 755-0990

Local reuse organizations

For clothing, furniture, working electronics:

571 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey – (831) 649-6056
729 Broadway Ave, Seaside – (831) 394-1212

The Salvation Army
1850 Fremont Blvd, Seaside – (831) 394-6507

Last Chance Mercantile
Monterey Regional Waste Management District, 
14201 Del Monte Boulevard, Marina – (831) 384-5313

SPCA Benefit Shop
216 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove –- (831) 373-5822
26364 Carmel Rancho Ln, Carmel, – (831) 624-4211

St. Vincent De Paul
1269 Fremont Blvd, Seaside – (831) 899-2211
214 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove – (831) 642-9387

Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shop
26388 Carmel Rancho Ln, Carmel, – (831) 626-8480

For clothing only:

Plato’s Closet
402 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey – (831) 641-9919

NICE! - 2 locations
Abrego or Munras avenues

Lula Blue
Bonifacio in downtown Monterey

The Hangar
Pearl Street in downtown Monterey