Residential services – large item collection 

This service is offered to residential customers only (available to Multi-Family for a fee, please call for details)

Large items such as appliances and furniture can be picked up upon request for standard residential customers (Sorry, this service is not offered to multifamily or commercial customers). Most items are collected at no additional charge. However, some items (refrigerators, TVs, computers, etc.) require special handling at the landfill and are charged at the landfill's special handling rates. Up to 3 large items can be pick up per appointment, and four appointments are allowed per year. All you have to do is call 372-7977 to schedule the appointment and place the items out on the curb on the date given by our staff by 8:00 a.m.

How to set out your carts - the correct way and the incorrect way

Below is some information on how to properly set out your carts. Please set them out as described:

  • Place out all carts by 6:00 a.m. on your collection day

  • Place cart either on the streets edge, in the gutter, or on the curb.

  • Allow 18 inches on all sides of the each cart.

  • Do not place under trees or street signs.

  • Do not place cars where they are obstructed by vehicles.

  • Please place carts with the lids opening towards the street.

  • Please do not tie the lids shut.

Brown Cart

Brown Cart

How to use the
brown cart
- weekly service

Please put these items in the brown garbage cart:
Okay for garbage
6-pack rings (please cut)
Auto Glass
Binders (plastic) – Please note these can be given to thrift stores for reuse.
Carbon paper
Cat or dog waste and litter (bagged)
Cigarette Butts
Cotton Balls
Computer Disks
Contaminated Paper, such as paper plates or food waste
Deodorant Casing
Drinking glasses
Extension Cords
Feminine Products
Foam (all types)
Food and snack waste (Try composting!)
Fireplace Ash (Bagged)
Hangers (dry cleaners will take back hangers)
Ice cream wrappers
Laminated items
Light bulbs (no fluorescent) – see Hazardous Waste page for disposal options
Metallic wrapping paper
Packing peanuts (bagged or take to a shipping store for reuse)
Paper clips
Plastic plants

Plastic Bags/Film Plastic
Records, tapes, CD's
Rubber bands
Shoes (unwanted or can’t be donated)
Shower curtains, liners
Straws, Stir sticks (plastic)
Stuffed animals, toys
Tempered Glass (Corning, Pyrex)
Textiles (unwanted or can’t be donated)
Toothpaste tubes
Transparencies, microfilm, negatives (acetate)
Utensils (plastic)
Vacuum cleaner bags & dust (Must be bagged)
Window Glass
Wood (treated)

Green Cart

Green Cart

How to use the yardwaste cart
- weekly service

Please put these items in the green yard waste cart:
Okay for yard waste recycling
flower cuttings
garden trimmings
grass trimmings
house plants
lawn clippings
plant and shrub trimmings
tree limbs up to 3 inches in diameter 
should be cut to 3-foot lengths
wood chips
rocks and concrete
sod and dirt
building materials
large tree trunks and stumps greater than 4 inches in 
diameter or more than 3 feet in length
palm fronds
ice plants
cat and dog waste or litter

EXTRA YARD WASTE - Extra yard waste is not collected in any container other that a Monterey City Disposal Service supplied yard waste cart. Additional yard waste carts can be obtained from Monterey City Disposal Service for an additional $6.52 monthly charge. We cannot pick up yard waste in bags as bags are
considered a contaminant. Contaminated yard waste will be picked up as trash and you will be billed $12.55, or it will be left on the curb.

Blue Cart

Blue Cart

How to use the recycling cart
- weekly service

Please put these items in the blue recycling cart:
Please do not bag items (Except Shredded Paper)                       
Boxes, Packages
Carbonless Paper
Cereal boxes
Colored/Construction paper
Computer paper
Copy paper
Detergent boxes
Egg cartons (paper only, no Styrofoam)
Frozen food boxes
Gift wrap (non-metallic)
Gift wrap Tissue Paper (non-metallic)
Junk mail
Manila folders
Newspapers and inserts
Office Paper
Paper (adhesive/post its)
Paper bags
Paper packaging
Shredded paper (In a clear plastic bag only)
Telephone Books
Glass Containers
Rinsed; all colors (lids, caps OK)
Bottles/Beverage containers
Wine Bottles
Plastic  Beverage Containers only; empty; rinsed with arrows #1 & #2, (lids, caps OK, but removed)
Bleach bottles
Detergent bottles
Household cleaning containers
Milk jugs
Salad dressing bottles (empty & clean)
Shampoo/Conditioner bottles
Water jugs
Aerosol cans (empty)
Aluminum cans
Aluminum foil (clean)
Aluminum pie plates (clean)
Beverage cans
Food cans (clean)
Pet food cans
Steel cans
Tin cans

*PLEASE NOTE: Not all items with the "recycling symbol" are acceptable. Only materials that are marketable are currently recyclable.  Please call and ask if you have questions about materials not listed. 

DO NOT RECYCLE: Ceramics, plastic bags or film plastic, window glass, plastic bags, paper towels, tissue, drinking glasses, lightbulbs, food, garbage and organic or green waste materials, Styrofoam or polystyrene packing peanuts, metal pipe or plumbing fixtures or appliances, insulation, or hazardous waste.  

Note: The list above are common recycling contaminants. It is not practical to provide a list of every possible material that we are unable to divert for recycling.

Please call and ask if you have questions about materials not listed. 


Automated collection

As in most cities, the City of Monterey has transitioned to automated residential collection vehicles.  There are several advantages to an automated collection vehicle. One of the most significant advantages is that it greatly reduces the physical impact that refuse and recycling collection has on the collection personnel, which will allow our employees to work long past what was common for manually collection vehicles. Another advantage is that these trucks are designed so that they no longer have to use high engine revolutions to service the accounts, which equates to less noise, less emissions, and lower fuel consumption. Currently there are three of these automated collection vehicles in use in the City of Monterey. For these automated collection vehicles to operate most efficiently, the carts need to be placed at the curb or streets edge on the proper manner, as described above.